Daikin Multi-Split AirCon *with FREE Replacement Service* - [SYSTEM. 4] 4MKS80FSG/ FTKS25 x 3 + FTKS71

Daikin Multi-Split AirCon *with FREE Replacement Service* - [SYSTEM. 4] 4MKS80FSG/ FTKS25 x 3 + FTKS71

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Things you should know.

  1. Insulation: the material used to cover the copper pipe, usually rubber foam, which helps to absorb water droplets formed due to condensation on the copper pipes when the air-conditioner is operating. There are generally 2 types of insulation: Class 0 and Class 1. An inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause leakages. ⅜ inches is usually recommended for the piping in trunking (plastic casing that encases the copper pipes, PVC drainage pipes and wiring) while ½ inches is preferred for piping that will be hidden by false ceilings or concealed in walls.

  2. Grade (or gauge): thickness of the copper pipe, generally a thicker copper pipe is able to withstand a higher operating pressure. The grade varies from the lowest SWG (standard working gauge) or G25 (0.51mm) to G21 (thickest). For HDB owners, the G23 (0.61mm) is usually recommended. If you have concealed piping, then G22 (0.71mm) is a better option. Another thing you should take note is the bending of the copper piping. To lower the odds of condensation or poor refrigerant flow (which will make the air-conditioner less cold), make sure that the piping is bent with a proper pipe bender (thus ensuring a pipe bent of about 90 degrees).

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According to The Straits Times, nearly 40% of air conditioned installations can cause complications because of carelessness and run-down work, which frequently results to a defective unit, rusting, water obstruction, gas leakages and other inadmissible outcomes that increases an uncalled-for financial casualty and unproductive time. Air conditioners could have longer lifespan when they are expertly installed, not using low-quality materials of rubber insulation tubes, copper pipes, wires, and brackets that could negatively affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. Based on our protocols, feel free to inquire and contrast the installation materials used by your air conditioner merchandiser.


DID YOU KNOW?All air conditioner brackets are required to have at least 4mm thickness as imposed by the government, together with it are a grade 304 bracket plates. It is essential for every bracket to be Professional Engineer Licensed, BCA & HDB permitted. Not meeting the standards of the government policies are classified as prohibited installations that holds serious punishments like government disapproval of sales from the unauthorized installation of air conditioner.

Building Control Act/Regulations 2003 (Chapter 29, Clause 41B), states that any person who cannot meet the given conditions given by the BCA approved air conditioning unit installer to accomplish the process of installation, shall be accountable on a certain fine not more than $5,000 or an imprisonment of a term not beyond 6 months or both.

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