Reward Point Policy

Reward Point Chart

Total Purchase

Convert to Reward Points

Value of Reward Points


1000 points



How to earn Reward Points

  • Register as a Home101 Member
  • Upon successful registration, 1000 reward points (S$10.00) will be credited into your account
  • Convert total purchase from online ecommerce platform into reward points
  • Home101 order reward points will only release after order is completed
  • Home101 Reward Points is accumulated after discount and tax


Spending reward points

  • No minimum purchase
    • Either use all the available reward points
    • Use partial reward points
  • New reward points accumulated from this purchase can only be used in next purchase


Refund reward points

  • Cancellation of orders purchased with reward point, used reward points will be refunded back to customer within 7 working days


Expiry of reward point

  • 01 year from the date of collection


Email notification

  • Send email to customer one month before reward point expiry